Greatness is not just about achieving big things. It can be a lot of small things done well every day.

There are many paths to greatness. One of them is to believe in yourself and in your abilities to make things happen for you and to be great in life.

At Stellar Link, we believe the potential for greatness lives in all of us. 

Let us partner you to find your next great talent who will make that difference.

Let us walk with you in your career journey, to help you find that next great job opportunity and company, fulfilling what you are looking for and where you are a good fit.

Who We Are

Stellar Link Partners aims to link great talents to great opportunities through our stellar services. 

The founding partners have a combination of more than 30 years (and still counting) of recruitment/executive search experience with successful track records in our respective fields.  Stellar Link Partners was borne out of our passion in what we do and the desire to create a place where like-minded people can come together.  We aspire to practice at the highest professional standards, where we hold ourselves accountable by placing ourselves in the shoes of our stakeholders namely our clients, candidates, partners and employees.

We will continue to hone our craft by strengthening our specialism/market expertise, listening actively and understanding your needs, and conducting our business with integrity.

We are part of the CGP Group of companies.

Our Mission

To listen, understand and advise - delivering results expeditiously, accurately and professionally.

Our Values

Passion – We are passionate about what we do, and believe it is a beautiful thing when a career and passion come together.

Integrity – We strive to operate with the highest standards of professionalism, honesty and ethics.

Expertise – We develop our Consultants to become market specialists in their respective fields, bringing knowledge and skills to our clients and candidates.


If you love what you do and are looking for a place where you can work with like-minded people in an environment of trust and respect, we invite you to send your resume to us.  We are growing and are keen to talk to recruitment consultants, especially if you have experience in IT or HR.  If you do not have the necessary experience and would like to explore a career in recruitment, we would also be keen to hear from you.